Unlocking the Human Opportunity: Harnessing the Power of a Mid-Career Workforce

Toronto Finance International's new Talent report examines the business imperative behind upskilling, the rationale for focusing on upskilling mid-career professionals, and outlines an upskilling strategy framework for leaders to successfully embed the culture of life long learning into their organizations – a key enabler to cultivating the future-proof skills needed to advance today’s workforce.

This report presents the business case for upskilling, and outlines five components to consider when building a strategy. These recommendations are brought to life through sample employee profiles, to demonstrate potential learning pathways across five functional areas common to financial services.

Unlocking the human opportunity: Harnessing the power of a mid-career workforce, builds on research that TFI published in 2018, which identified 4 categories of skills that are increasingly in demand, to effectively leverage rapid advancements in technology and related opportunities, in financial services. That report, entitled Unlocking the human opportunity: Future-proof skills to move financial services forward, concluded with a roadmap, ten practical recommendations for building the future financial services workforce, and a challenge for organizations to get started or to ramp up their existing efforts.

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February 27, 2019