Cybersecurity Report “The Changing Faces of Cybersecurity - Closing the Cyber Risk Gap"

The world is facing a cyber talent deficit that is limiting our ability to harness the full potential of emerging technology. However, Canada has an opportunity to lead by taking a strategic "human" approach to tackling the problem, according to a new report released today by Deloitte in collaboration with Toronto Finance International (formerly Toronto Financial Services Alliance.) The changing faces of cybersecurity: Closing the cyber risk gap sheds light on the severity of the issue globally, with a focus on Canada, where demand for cyber talent is estimated to be increasing by 7% annually. At a sector-level, 74% of the FS executives we surveyed are challenged to find the right mix of technical, analytical and soft skills for cybersecurity roles within their organizations. This report introduces a human-centric cyber talent framework that seeks to help tackle that problem, providing a common reference point to better plan within a rapidly evolving technological environment.

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July 30, 2018